Social Studies


About Social Studies in Azerbaijan

Social Studies in Azerbaijan – is a project of Baku city school # 23, implemented within the first national grant contest and with the financial support from the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

School # 23 is one of the oldest schools in our country and is highly recognized for its quality of teaching and learning and commitment to providing care and an inspiring learning environment for students with various talents and learning needs.

Social Studies in Azerbaijan is an open, ready-to-teach resource for schools and teachers planning to introduce additional English hours into their curriculum and/or replace existing integrative subject “Hayat Bilgisi” which is taught in Grades 1 – 9 with modern, up-to-date interdisciplinary course establishing foundations for in-depth learning of historical, sociological, cultural and civic issues of modern Azerbaijan.

Social Studies in Azerbaijan presents materials for integrated study of various topics such as History, Geography, Culture and traditions, Leadership and community development. The aim for the integrated study  is to introduce these topics to the students of History and Hayat Bilgisi for grades 4 up to 7 of national public schools (10-13 years old children).

Social Studies in Azerbaijan is the only subject content in Azerbaijan that provides teachers of English with practical tools to enhance the quality of existing classroom activities and to plan teaching beyond English grammar, listening and speaking. We aim at providing opportunity for teachers and students to focus on such important transdisciplinary skills, as reading comprehension, research skills, writing and presentation skills, discussion, group projects and individual study plans.


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