Social Studies




In “Jirtdan” fairytale the main character is a boy with “speaking name” – Jirtdan. This  boy was so small that people used to call him “Jirtdan” which means “tiny”.  He was a very lazy boy, but at the same time he was smart, as well as a creative person. He could find solutions to difficult situations. When the boys in the story could not find the way back home in the forest, Jirtdan suggested following the light, but there was a big, bad and dangerous Ogre.

The Ogre pretended to be a good, kind and friendly human. The boys believed him and fell asleep, but Jirtdan being clever, figured out the Orge`s plan. When the Ogre came to check who was sleeping and who was awake, Jirtdan said that he wasn’t asleep. He asked the Ogre to cook some eggs for him. After that he found out the way to send the Ogre to the river to fetch some water because he pretended to be thirsty. The trick was that Jirtdan gave the Ogre a sieve instead of a basket. The Ogre was silly and hi didn’t realize it would not be possible for him to get water with the sieve. While the Ogre was away trying to bring some water, the boy woke up his friends and they ran away. The Ogre could not get the water from the river but he saw the boys running away. The Ogre asked the children how they would manage to cross the river. Jirtdan once again instructed the Ogre that he should go find a big rock and tie it around his neck. The Ogre followed his instruction again, jumped into the river and drowned.

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