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Lullabies: national heritage


Do you know what is a lullaby? Lullaby is a short song sang with a very calm, quiet and placid voice with the intention of making children to fall asleep. What do you hear in the lullaby when your mom sings it for you? What do you feel? Do you know that researchers that study national folklores say that lullaby is a way for mothers and grandma’s to express not only their love and care, but also hopes and dreams about their children’s future?

A while ago there was one multicultural project “The lullabies from around the world” that compiled lullabies from 60 different countries had included one of Azerbaijani lullaby in its list of lullabies.


Listen to this lullaby, sung by Shovket Alekperova.
Listen to her astonishingly soft, tender and loving voice. When you hear it, you can feel something smooth touching your ears and you can physically feel the love that parents bestow upon their babies.
Listening to this lullaby, we begin to ponder on what “Mom’s dreams were all about.” She wishes her little son to bath in love of every one surrounding him, she wishes her son to be loved by the donkey and flying birds, by the river, by the sky and the mountains. The mother wants him to grow up and be rich, get married and have three sons, to become older and see how his sons grow up and become independent and leave the family. See, how far the Mother’s dreams fly! Presumably, by singing the lullaby to her little son she was fulfilling two purposes: she got her baby to bed, prevent him from being afraid of dark and lulled him off to sleep. And at the same time she presents a picture of a big world outside of his small bed and house, she explains to him an order in which he would live his entire life. She shows him how great it is to live in peace with the nature, how good it is to grow as a caring and loving person.


Recommended class activities

  1. Focus on vocabulary

Keywords to remember: particular, calm, placid, intention, astonishing, tender, bestow, ponder, presumable

2. Focus on understanding:

2.1.Ask the children to remember some of the lullabies that their mum’s and grandma’s have sung to them or their siblings. Students should be able to compare these lullabies to see how many they know.


2.2.Understanding the text (True/False). Mark appropriate answer if you agree or disagree with the statements below:

  1. Moms sing lullabies to their babies when they want to get them to bed and have a good sleep. True_________ False___________
  2. Soft and tender voice is an important condition for babies to get asleep. True_________ False___________
  3. Singing lullaby entails that one touches their ears to produce the perfect sounds. True_________ False__________
  4. When Moms sing lullaby they want their children to be little babies and stay with them, because they think that they are the only persons in entire world to protect and love them. True_________ False__________
  5. Lullabies are song only in Azerbaijan. True_________ False__________

3. Creative writing activity:

Suggest students to write an essay in ten sentences, describing their dreams and aspirations and answer the question: What do you want to be when you grow, and why?


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