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Favorite Azerbaijan children songs


Favorite Azerbaijan children songs

Children in Azerbaijan enjoy songs, which their mothers, grandmothers, and some times aunts recite to them. These songs have been passed down from one generation to another, and have become part of the Azerbaijani culture. Here are some of the popular songs that are part of the memories of every Azerbaijani child.

“ Kukla”  by Aghabaci Rzayeva

One of the most memorable songs of the past century composed for children is the song “ Kukla” by Aghabaci Rzayeva, however, the original writer of the song is Jahangir Mammadov.  Although half a century has passed since the song was written, Kukla is song even today. Zabita Mammadova who was then five years old was the first performer of the song. The song is a short performance that represents a dialogue between a little girl and her favorite doll. The girl wants to teach letters and figures to her doll and tries to start reading and counting with her. The story helps children see themselves in this nice “dialogue” between the little girl and the non-animated objects around her.

It’s very typical of Azerbaijani girls to play a school game, where girls are usually teachers. And this is probably the reason why the song “Kukla” stays relevant and interesting even to the new generations of young learners.



“ Tik-tik khanim ” by Ramiz Mirishli

The writer of the fairytale “Tik-tik khanim” is Abdulla Shaig. He wrote it in 1911, initially in the form of a short poem. Today, Tik-tik khanum is still one of the most loved fairytales of children in Azerbaijan. The original names of the characters were “Pispisa khanim and Sichan bey” which was adopted as the name of the cartoon characters of same name, animated in 1974 by Masud Panahi and Aghanaghi Akhundov. Ramiz Mirishli curated the music for the cartoon, while the lyrics written by poet Ramiz Rovshan. Based on the cartoon, Tik-Tik khanim is shown as a small bug, but brave and beautiful! She is ready to do more in order to get good friends. We can imply that the main idea of the fairytale is that every person must have a friend. That’s why the first words that she puts in her song says: “Friend, come, where are you? Come to me!” and after all that happens to her, she realizes that when she goes through various challenges, friends are important. However In order to make friends she must be generous, friendly, and sincere and has to go through many various tests.
Sevil Allahverdiyeva, who was a member of the popular jazz group “Sevil” managed by world-known jazzman Vagif Mustafazadeh, performed the song Tik-Tik khanim.

There are modern interpretations and performances of the popular children’s song by Roya Aykhan and Sevda Yahyayeva.




“Jujalarim” by Gambar Huseynli
“Jujalarim” is an adorable song that Azerbajani children sing, especially everyone who was born and raised in Azerbaijan knows this song and can sing at least the first two lines of it. Tofik Mutallibov wrote lyrics of “Jujalarim” and the music composed by Gambar Huseynli in 1949. The song did not become popular overnight, but had an interesting history with several singers singing it but the most popular performance was by Sugrha Baghirzade who performed it in 1959 in Moscow, Russia during the decade of Azerbaijani culture.

In 1959 Moscow was the capital of a big country, where many different nations lived, and Azerbaijan was a part of it, and this made the song popular among many different nations and cultures. Over many years, “Jujalarim” turned into the visit card of Azerbaijani children’s music. There was a famous children’s café in Baku, children’s dance and vocal group named after “Jujalarim”. The vocal and dance group became the starting point of many actors that turned into popular stars of that time in Azerbaijan.
The song was even used as a soundtrack for the popular Soviet cartoon “Nu pogodi!”

The music and lyrics of the song represented a nice picture of a girl that sang the song for chicks in the backyard while feeding them. She was very caring and loving to these chicks and she calls them “my little chicks”.
Today the song “Jujalarim” stands among the most honorary of children’s songs that has been admired by millions of listeners. In comparison with the structure of several children songs this song has originality. The song starts with choral rendition of “Jip-jib jujalarim”








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