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Part I

Part II


  1. Mosque of Nizami Ganjavi
  2. Sheikh Bahauddin`s Ensemble
  3. Juma Mosque
  4. Chokak – bathhouse
  5. Caravanserai
  6. Old fortress
  7. The Ancient Ganja`s gates
  8. Mosque of the Imam-zadeh
  9. Javadhan’s Tomb
  10. Ancient hill fort of Ganja
  11. Nizami Ganjavi
  12. Mekhseti Ganjavi
  13. Javad Khan
  14. Fatali Khan Khoysky

Pre-reading task

  • What are some of the famous cities in Azerbaijan and in the world?
  • What do you know about Ganja?
  • Have you any information about Nizami Ganjavi?
  • What is the connection between Ganja city and Nizaimi Ganjavi?
Mosque of Nizami Ganjavi – XX centure

Ganja is the birthplace of the great Azerbaijani poet Nizami Ganjavi. Nizami Ganjavi made an invaluable contribution to the history of Azerbaijani literature as well as to that of the whole world. Nizami Ganjavi was born in Ganja in the year 1141. He was one of the most educated people of his time. His most popular literature called “Hamsa” (FIVE), made him really famous around the world. Hamsa is a combination of five poems, reflecting not only the high skill of the poet’s pen, but also his ethical and philosophical views. Most of Nizami Ganjavi’s writings are devoted to love. His other world-famous works are the poems “Khosrov and Shirin”, “Leyli and Majnun”, and “Iskender-name”.

The Tomb of Nizami was a place of pilgrimage for many centuries. Iskander Bek Munshi, a storyteller at the Safavid court, first made mention of the tomb, recorded in historical chronicles. In the chronicle, it was written that at the end of February 1606, Shah Abbas I arrived in Ganja and settled near the mausoleum of Sheikh Nizami, where on March 24 he celebrated the Novruz holiday.


Some keywords to remember: birthpace, invaluable, world-famous, century, chronicle, mausoleum, pilgrimage, devotees, homage, granite, facets, grandeur

Today, the mausoleum of Nizami Ganjavi is a place of pilgrimage and devotees go there to pay homage to the poet. The Mosque of Nizami Ganjavi is a mausoleum, which was built in 1991 on the alleged grave of poet Nizami Ganjavi. It is located at the entrance to the city from the southwest side, where Nizami lived his whole life and died. The mausoleum is a modern monumental structure of a cylindrical form made of red granite, carved in the manner of semicircular facets. The entrance of the mausoleum is at the bottom, which seems just tiny on the background of the grandeur of the whole building. The name of this great poet is carved in gold right above the entrance.

Post reading tasks

  1. How did Nizami Ganjavi get world renown?
  2. What are some of the literature works of Nizami Ganjavi?
  3. The first mention of Nizami Ganjavi tomb was mentioned by who and where?
  4. Where is the mausoleum of Nizami Ganjavi located?


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